Art by Melissa Amato by Slidely Slideshow

Musical Chairs

My Aunt and I were chatting one day when I was at her house and she wanted to have a very unique present for her nephews and grandson.  We came up with this plan of a Mickey Mouse chair and stool for her grandson and a table set with two chairs for her nephews.  I had no idea how they would turn out but, I thought I would give it a try.  I actually surprised myself.   Who would have thought that I could paint Mickey Mouse's face! I found out that the little boy that I painted this for just absolutely loved the chair and stool and kept sitting in it and pushing it around all night long.  I love that!  It makes what I love to do that much more valuable to me if I can help bring a smile to a child's face with a few acrylics and wood furniture! And yes, I completely drew every aspect of these pieces free hand...with no assistance at all!  The music notes on the back of the drummer, Henry's, chair is the best drum solo ever...Moby Dick from Led Zeppelin and the back of the acoustic guitar chair, Samuel's, is the best acoustic guitar solo, Sevillana by Andres Segovia.  It is the actual music notes from the music sheet that I painted on the back.  I thought that made the chairs have more meaning and I thought it would have just been cool.  The black of the piano keys were raised to mimic an actual piano.  And, it worked!  Samuel went right to the keys and pretended to play the piano.  Love it and love painting with a purpose!


People like to listen to all sorts of music throughout the day.  There is driving music, shower-singing music and of course creativity music.  I would say that the kind of music you listen to really defines your mood at that moment.  I mean who can really be mad while listening to Boogie Shoes!  I find that policy applies to artwork.  The kind of music that I like to listen to while I am painting is dependent upon the desired result.  If I know I am going for a more feminine, soft painting then I listen to Sarah McLachlan or Adele or any strong female voice with a message.  If I want a more fun and eclectic painting then, I'll resort to some of the oldies but goodies. If the desired result is more edgy and dark then I opt for 3 Days Grace, Ozzy or pretty much anything on my 3 days grace Pandora radio station.  My style is to have a core set of elements to the painting and then just paint and create with whatever feels right.  Music allows and influences me to do just that.  


I painted this on a whim at a club in downtown New Orleans. The painting spans about 4ft wide and 4 ft tall. This is painted with water base latex paint and unaided and completely freehand. It was hard work but in the end it was worth it!